What do you need as a caregiver or an individual living with these needs?

What can we do for you?


When considering people with chronic or terminal illnesses, caregivers are frequently an overlooked part of the equation. Caregivers suffer alongside their loved ones through much of what they go through, in addition to dealing with a lot of things on their own, often picking up some of the slack left by their loved ones because of their illness.

Even more striking is how they are left behind if they lose their loved one. The shock of wanting to take care of their loved one, and not being able to anymore, is an intense trauma. There are very few resources for caretakers, and we hope to create a space where we can provide helpful information, links to helpful resources, and an opportunity and avenue for caretakers to connect, share, support and learn from each other via virtual meetings. It is important to know we are not traveling this path alone, as it often feels that way.

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